RCMP Letter of Accreditation

December 4, 2017

Mr. Michael Upton

Company Security Officer

Gambit ID Services

5420 Canotek Road, Unit 105B

Gloucester, ON KU IE9

Re: CCRTIS Accreditation

Gambit ID Services has successfully completed the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) Accreditation Process, which authorizes your company to capture the fingerprints of your clients for Criminal Record verification (non-criminal purposes only).

CCRTIS Accreditation assesses the security and administrative operations of private organizations that intend to take fingerprints for non-criminal purposes. Upon completing accreditation, ongoing business activities, such as CCRTIS renewal of personnel security clearances; physical site inspections; and periodic auditing measures, are conducted to help ensure that accredited organizations continue to process non­criminal fingerprints in accordance with CCRTIS Accreditation standards. Gambit ID Services must comply with the aforementioned requirements to retain your status as an accredited private organization.

Gambit ID Services is authorized to operate as a Direct Connect, and is certified to submit electronic fingerprint transactions (non-criminal purposes) to CCRTIS via the Gambit ID Services Server.

We look forward to working with your company to uphold the quality and integrity of non-criminal fingerprint identification services in Canada.


Chief Superintendant Serge Côté

Director General

Canadia Criminal Real Time Identification Services

See original RCMP letter of accreditation (PDF file)